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Smt. Chithra Vivek is a professionally well trained Bhartanatyam dancer and  Carnatic singer.  Her immense dedication and intense passion towards art has lead her way to reach the pinnacle of mastering both  Dance and Music.  
Her natural flair has always been in  “Teaching” which is why she chose this noble journey.

She has a strong vision to inculcate the legendary Indian  cultural art forms : Dance and Music to every soul she meets in this beautiful initiative she has undertaken.

Educational Training

Carnatic Music

Chithra Vivek began her journey of exploring the aesthetic beauty of  these art forms at the cusp of early age of 4.

Her initial training in carnatic music was under her respected Guru(Teacher) Smt. Balasaraswathy  and later underwent intensive training from the guidance of two loved  Gurus Smt. Girija Kumari and Smt. Pattamal. Finally she studied exclusively under Smt. Radha for her expert level at Chennai.


Chithra as a child adapted to this famous quote as a mantra(chant)
“Why walk when you can dance?”

She started off on a grandeur note in learning this exemplary art from from renowned beautiful Gurus Nalini Balakrishnan and  Acharya Choodamani Smt. Anitha Guha.

She pursued learning Bharatanatyam and Mohiniattam from two other spectacular Gurus Smt. Charulatha. and Smt. Gopika Varma mam.

Not only did she learn the art form from iconic Gurus, she mastered it at Singara(Beautiful) Chennai which
is the home town for Bharatanatyam and as well as for her.

Educational Training


Carnatic Music: Chithra has had the honour to have had great performances across Tamil Nadu and has sung in esteemed Sabhas like Krishna Gana sabha, Naradha Gana sabha,  And Various Famous Temples including  TTD  Chennai.  Not just that,  she has had the wonderful opportunity to have had a recital infamous Bangalore Townhall.

Bharatanatyam: Chithra has the niche talent to emote enthralling expressions in her mind-blowing choreography. This has led her to perform in several dance ballets and dance dramas across renowned sabhas like in  Chennai and Cochin. 

Her role delivery: This requires special attention. Chithra has enacted and gone deep into several  roles such as Lord Rama, Seetha, Basmasura, Lord Shiva etc and have left the audience with goosebumps not once many and many times. She had the Kripa(Grace) of  Devi herself that when she performed as Sarada Devi in “Sarada Devi charitham”  at the Ramakrishna mutt, Chennai during the 100th year celebration the audience were overwhelmed and applauded her a lot. This was a huge milestone in her dancing career.

Teaching: “Teachers have three loves: love of learning, love of learners, and the love of bringing the first two loves together.” And, definitely, Chithra Vivek has all 3. She is currently immensely dedicated to teaching music and dance to students of all age groups across the world.

She has the rich calibre of bringing out the best in each one of her students.

Chithra’s pedagogy involves special training for students to perform on stage and to participate in various events of dance recitals. 

This has brought lots of love from all her students. Not only that she is associated with the Team of teachers globally to spread this beautiful art form.  Join her in the divine journey for learning and mastering both Carnatic Music and Bharatanatyam.  

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