Carnatic vocal music

Eligibility criteria:   Age – 5 years and above

“Music is the soundtrack of one’s life, Carnatic singing is the Playlist that’s on repeat mode.”


Carnatic music, known as Karnāaka sagīta or Karnāaka sagītam originated from South India.  Its Roots lie in sanatana dharma of Sama veda.

 It’s a symbolism of Nada Brahman. The core of Carnatic music is to sing(Vocal music). There are several compositions written by many Gurus, sages to be sung as a praise of the Gods and Goddesses.

Carnatic music rests on two main elements: rāga, the modes or melodic formulæ, and a, the rhythmic cycles.

It’s also sung with percussion instruments such as violin, Veena, mridangam.

course content (Regular classes – Basic to advanced levels)

Breathing techniques , Voice culture, Warm up exercises will be taught as special exercise (included in the course)

Customized Courses

Short term courses: For ladies and kids

  • Devotional Songs – 3 months / 6 months

              Includes devotional songs of various saints like purandaradasar , Annamayya, devarnamas etc

  • Shlokas – 3 months / 6 months  –

Includes daily routine mantras , ashtakams , sahasaranamams etc.


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