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We offer individual online courses through one on one sessions that provide special attention to each student.

No group classes.

Art is 5Es

Energy, Emotion, Expression, Execution, Experience

We as an institute take each and every individual  step by step through all Es in art.. Our institute focuses on providing   professional training of various art forms and give an online platform to showcase their talent..

One can be excellent many times but exceptional only few times and in art being exceptional is of humongous value.  Art (Kalai) forms are extremely unique. Artists are exceptional. When the artist falls in love with any art the outcome which is the expression of the art form is a fantabulous master piece.

We as an institute firmly believe it’s our responsibility to spread this core message and make everyone enjoy the beauty of art.


“Vision without action is just a dream. Our vision is to be the anchor in bringing actions to our vision : ART.”


Our end objective is to teach and expand the artistic beauty of all cultural art forms of India across the world and through a one stop online platform which can enable each individual to learn ,practise and showcase the talent from any corner in the world.

OUR mission

Our primary mission is to make 3Ps  a core of our every student who joins our institute.  


Learn with us

Our COurses

“Art is a divine form of expressing the feeling of the soul through non verbal communication and  physical beauty.”

Art is not a technique or just a course , it’s a way of living. We as an institute come together to help students indulge in this joy full way of loving.



“Bhartanatyam is the perfect way of bring mind, body heart and soul together in one space.”



“Music is the soundtrack of one’s life, Carnatic singing is the Playlist that’s on repeat mode.”



“Music without a Pakka Vaadyam or Accompanying instruments, is like a peacock dancing without its Coverts spread open..”


Wellness Program

We as an institute are offering the  ” Mind Body Soul Wellness Program “. COME JOIN ENJOY WITH US”.

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